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Fire Safety Audits
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Fire Risk Assessment



Why have a Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment are at the very core of any organization’s fire safety obligations.

Many people mistakenly think that fire safety management is simple, and have their own views on how to comply with their obligations. However, without an intimate knowledge of the dynamics of fire, human behaviour that causes fire, and how people react once an incident occurs, this approach is asking for trouble.

What’s vital for any business is an accurate assessment, which is based on experience and expertise, followed by an effective plan of action that is delivered in a reasonable timescale.

Many organizations choose to carry out their own fire risk assessments. This isn’t technically a problem, as long as the personnel carrying out the Fire Safety Audits are suitably trained and experienced, and the government doesn’t require you to have a professional to carry it out.

However, getting it wrong can lead to very severe consequences, so you may feel that you’d like some expert input. At ISO Institute, we can carry out audits of your fire risk assessments, to help you assess whether yours is fit for purpose.

Fire safety audits are undertaken for a variety of reasons, such as to indicate compliance with statutory requirements, as part of due diligence, pre-purchase or sale appraisal, risk management, insurance assessment, gap analysis against current legislation or standards, or as part of a comprehensive audit program. Fire Safety Audits may be initiated by the owner or manager of the facility, to identify the gaps so that compliance can be initiated in a very focused way.


In Depth Probe during Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment criteria are derived from nominated benchmarks. The fire safety measures to be audited are a combination of physical features and all other relevant fire safety actions, provisions, and procedures, which define a level of safety to protect both life and asset in the event of fire. Fire safety measures include both physical systems, such as the fire resistance of the building structure, electrical systems, appliances, electro-mechanical systems, process analysis, product & service life cycle study, fire feeds & fire starvation, fire breathing & fire smothering, temperature accelerators & temperature de-accelerator,  smoke detection system, fire detection systems, fire mitigation measures and controls, as well as non-physical systems such as emergency procedures and staff training programs.


What types of buildings require Fire Risk Assessment  

  • Factories & Plants

  • Residential Strata Schemes (residential flat buildings, walk up and high rise buildings, certain dual occupancies and townhouse developments).  

  • Retail Chains (shops and restaurants).  

  • Office and commercial buildings.  

  • Industrial buildings and complexes.  

  • Public assembly buildings.  

  • Hospitals and Aged Care (nursing homes).  

  • Places of public entertainment.


Arson Protection through Fire Risk Assessment

  • There are some very common sense basic steps you can take to reduce the risk of arson. For example, never leave discarded furniture under a window, as this can present a tempting target for an arsonist, whatever their motive. Other preventative steps may require a little technology.

The best way to start protecting your premises from arson or fire risks  is to make sure you have a current Fire Risk Assessments, which identifies the arson risks and fire risks. This will help you to ensure you put measures in place which mitigate against those risks and ensure the safety of your premises and the people within it.


Fire Risk Assessment reports

All our Fire Risk Assessment reports are designed to be fully compliant with the requirements of the Statutes & Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety),NBC,  which are the main tenets of governing fire safety obligations . This means you can expect a report which is easy to read and understandable, and covers:

The current safety rating


What fire safety measures are in place


How many significant findings there are


When the issues ought to be addressed.


Fire Risk Assessment provide a detailed assessment of the adequacy of existing fire safety measures and recommendations and are undertaken for a variety of reasons that include:

  • Proof of compliance with fire safety legislation.

  • Reducing the impact of fire on property and communities.

  • Helps demonstrate due diligence.

  • Assists to obtain and maintain confidence of an insurance underwriter.

  • Pre-purchase or sale appraisal.

  • Provides a gap analysis of how the fire protection measures in an older facility compare with current standards and legislation, and

  • Forms part of a quality system for continuous improvement and risk management.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced personnel can support people involved in all aspects of building design and management, including architects, surveyors, builders and property owners. For example, if your business has engaged an architect for a new build or extension, we can work with them to deliver a cost-effective fire engineering solution that will integrate with the project.


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