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Accredited ITSM Training - ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training Program Features

This is an Accredited ITSM Training. ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training, is conducted by Industry Experts, ead Instructors having rich experience in ITSM. This ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training is customized to your processes. ISO 20000 lead auditor Training on ITSM is delivered in a workshop style with real-time examples.

This 5-day intensive course designs for individuals who are looking for the details of the ISO 20000-1, ITSM implementation, and the procedures for conducting audits for Certification Bodies. Specifically, this course features:

top-notched itSM / IRCA Certified ISO 20000-1 Lead Auditor trainer, comprehensive coverage of the technical and business issues of ISO 20000-1 ITSM, in-depth discussions on the necessary skills to both implement, maintain and audit an effective ITSM case studies and role-play simulating a real-world assessment and certification process. After completing this course, delegates can take a written examination and eligible to become an itSM Certified Auditor.


ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training- Learning Objectives

  • Understand IT service management definitions, concepts, and guidelines

  • Understand the purpose of the ISO 20000 series

  • Understand the requirements of the ISO 20000-1:2018 standard

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the auditor

  • Apply ISO 19011 definitions, concepts, and guidelines

  • Recognize the principles, practices, and types of audits

  • Conduct all phases of an internal audit

  • Prepare and present effective reports

  • Understand the role of objectives, scope and criteria in the audit process<

  • How to plan audits

  • Conduct audit team selection

  • Initiate the audit and conducting opening meetings

  • Understand audit team leader responsibilities

  • Communicate effectively during the audit

  • Conduct on-site activities

  • Prepare audit conclusions

  • Conduct closing meetings

  • Report audit results


Who Should Attend ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training

  • Individuals interested in conducting first-party, second-party, and third-party audits

  • Management Representatives

  • Managers

  • IT service personnel


ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training  Achievement

Upon SUCCESSFUL completion of the ISO 20000 Lead Auditor training course a Certificate of “ISO 20000-1 ITSM Certified Lead Auditor Training” will be issued.



ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training Duration

5 days       


Value-added ISO 20000 Lead Auditor Training

Accelerate learning ITSMS training with the expert faculty Lead Auditors and Principal Trainers from the Industry. ISO 20000 lead auditor training from the "Specialist Expert" has many advantages:-

  • It will drastically change the way of thinking and the basic approach towards the Management System Standards.

  • You would cherish & Benchmark our training for a very long time to come.

  • No fictitious case studies you can not connect with.

  • Real-time examples, real-time scenarios you can quickly relate to.

  • Complete Focus on your systems, processes, and line of businesses.

  • 100% involvement and engagement of the participants

  • Learn to make the ISO Standard sweat to:-

A). Improve profits.

B). Reduce rework, defects, customer rejections, wastage,& cost of operation