"Our Understanding of the ISO Standards deepened very drastically after we got ourselves trained on Integrated Management System involving multiple standards from Suresh in 2 batches. Feedback of all participants obtained internally on the training is summarized as the trainings conducted by the Principal Intructor can be benchmarked in terms of content, explaining interpretation of the requirments of the Standands, par excellence communication skills and presentation style, full of humour and joyful learning experience. Suresh connects with each particiapant very well, customizes the training delivery as per their experience (from freshers to senior management)."

Rishi Kalia, Plant Kanri

Honda Cars

The participant of the ISO 27001 lead auditor training provides excellent feedback of the training and trainer

 "I had the pleasure of attending ISO 27001 LA training conducted by Your Principal Instructor, Mr Sharma and I loved every      bit of it. I have come across many learned individuals and trainers in the past, but what sets Mr Sharma apart is his ability        to   Transfer his knowledge to others. He understands the nuances of training wonderfully well and shares his                           wealth of  experience in just the right way, ensuring there is never a dull moment in the training. His star studded professional life is testimony to the immense knowledge he has gathered over the years about various aspects of running successful businesses. He has a sunny outlook and one learns a lot by merely listening to him. I would love to associate with him again in the future!"

Preet Sawhney
IT Manager at Exponential Interactive

"We are fortunate to be trained by ICTI's Experienced Faculty on 3 ISO Standards because we got immensely benifitted from Shop floor related practical  examples of various industries  we could easily  relate to. We got especially impressed by his ability to convert each of the ISO standards into improving the profitability, reducing the cost of operations and losses, increasing the confidence of the all stake holders. We look forward to get our teams trained more from him."

Prashant Kumar, Head QA,

Nipro Glass

"It was a pleasure to attend the training. The experienced trainer managed in extremely short time to get into the objective of making us learn the ISO Standards requirements from lead auditor perspective. Your Tutor's way of teaching by involving the trainees and driving the objective of learning through practical examples is outstanding. It was an amazing experience.I would recommend the learned & versatile faculty of the Organization to anyone who needs a real insight into ISO standards from lead auditor training perspective"


Principal Project Engineer

Centre for Railway Information Systems

"Suresh is a versatile professional with decades of rich experiences, and a trainer with  ability to make dry  subject into interesting, exciting and full of learning with fun.He took the understanding to such an high level that there is no fear of exam felt during the Lead Auditor course."

Mohana Deepa, IT Manager

HCL Technologies

The participant of the ISO internal auditor training provides excellent feedback of the training and trainer

I have attended a number of seminars, conferences and training courses in the last few years and none have compared to the breadth and quality of the information provided by the learned trainer on internal Auditors training on ISO14001 (EMS). Even though training was of short duration of 2 days, but his teaching style was energetic, engaging and superbly informative as the entire class was able to integrate the course content into their own day to day operations. I would recommend the highly experienced faculty of ISO Certification Training Institute to my colleague and organization also who are looking for quality training.

Devendra Mawal-Keihin Fie Pvt. Ltd.

"I would strongly recommend ISO Training Institute & their experienced ISO Tutor for any one seriously Interested in learning the ISO Standards for making a mark in his industry and professional career. The Faculty is a great robber of questions and doubts you and the participants may have on the management systems. Learning becomes celebration where Passing exams is a cake walk." 

Sanjiv Kumar, CISO


"I am thankful to you for the wonderful learning experience I had along my other team members from Deloitte. It was a  good training of 5 days with all the knowledge and fun facts shared by you. This was one of my best experiences and the learning was enormous. I am confident enough to start auditing the very next day.

I would definitely recommend the "Phenomenal training" provided by you to my peers and other friends in the Professional fraternity. I would like to keep in touch with you for any advice or suggestion that I might require in my audit journey ahead".

AD Roy
Enterprise Risk Services