IT Audit - Security Checklist
IT Audit - Security Checklist

What are the contents of IT Security Audit Checklists?

IT Security Audit Checklists questionnaire to determine the non-compliance of IT Security in conformity with ISO 27001, contains downloadable Excel file with 3 sheets having-

  • 757 Audit Checklist questions covering the requirements of IT Security under the Responsibility of IT department, and accountability of top management as well, of an organization. These Compliance questionnaires are mapped to the mandatory requirements of ISO 27001 Clauses, Controls, and Domains. This will enable to pinpoint non-compliance/deviations as well as focused suitable remediations, and IT Security performance analysis from one audit to another audit over a period of time.

  • Complete Inventory of Clauses, clause numbers, and Clause titles of ISO 27001:2013

  • The complete inventory of Controls, control numbers, control objectives, and Domains of ISO 27001:2013.


Important Features of IT Security Audit Checklist File

File format - Excel compatible for both Mac and Windows

Content Contribution - ISMS Committee of Industry Experts, Principal Instructors, and Lead Auditors of IT Security Management.
Content Approved By- ISO Training Institute

Language - English

File Delivery method - Immediate and Automatic. Through the secure link in the email provided at the time of check-out

Link Validity - 72 hours from the time of receiving the link through email

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Special Price - USD 347

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What are the benefits of the IT Security Audit Checklists?

This checklist is useful for-

  • Organization Planning for ISO 27001 Certification.

  • Compliance Audits

  • Gap Assessments

  • An organization that believes in survival of the fittest.

  • Enhancing longevity of the business.

  • Organizations keen for robust, resilient, and value-added IT Security Management systems.

  • Organizations keen to protect themselves against issues from IT Security requirements of ISO 27001.

  • Organizations that want to survive client audits.

  • Information Security Professionals.

  • Internal auditors of Information Security Management System

  • External Auditors of Information Security Management System

  • Auditors of the client organizations who are assigned to assess the ISMS capability of their Service Providers, Vendors, and contractors.

  • Students of Information Security Management System

  • ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Training Participants

  • ISO 27001 Lead Implementer participants

  • Professionals doing Career switchover to Information security.

  • Owners of Business.

  • CTO, CIO, CISO, HODs, ISO 27001 SPOCs from departments, IT Teams, Central Security Team


Who has Prepared and Who has validated IT Security Audit Checklist?

This IT Security Audit checklist on Information Security is prepared by an Expert Panel of IRCA Principal Auditors & Lead Instructors of Information Security Management System having aggregated panel team experience of over 300 years, under the aegis of ISO training Institute. The checklists are validated by the Head of the expert committee panel and approved by ISO Training Institute.


What is the basis of the IT Security Audit Checklists?

The IT Security Audit checklist on Requirements of ISO 27001 follows the cardinals of:-

  • Risk-based thinking (RBT),

  • Process approach, and

  • PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) methodology.

The expert panel of Information Security auditors and Instructors has conducted thousands of Information security audits and Training on ISO 27001. Besides, there is a continuous calibration of the Lead Auditors w.r.t requirements, interpretation, and audit experiences.


How to use the IT Security Audit Checklists?

  • Securely save the original checklist file, and use the copy of the file as your working document during preparation/conduct of the IT Security Audit.

  • Information Security assessments probe multithreaded Investigation audit trails. IT Audit Checklist on Information Security has hundreds of investigative questions. Invariably, the organization's IT processes are at various levels of ISMS maturity, therefore, use checklist investigation Questionnaires' quantum apportioned to the current status of threats emerging from risk exposure.

  • IT has a lot of verticals. That's why IT is one of the biggest departments in an organization. In the IT department, verticals like Network Security, Email, Website, and Application Security being vast by themselves, deserve dedicated and distinct focus due to a huge number of compliance requirements. Therefore Information Security Checklists for these verticals are made available separately. For example, Network Security Audit Checklist (SKU - ISMS 22) has a 515 Compliance Questionnaire.


What is included in the IT Security Audit Checklists?

The Checklist contains an investigation audit trails Questionnaires on numerous critical areas such as Access Management, IT Security Policies/SoPs, Communication Security, IT Operations Security, Legal/Regulatory compliances, Security in Suppliers relationship, BCP, Secure System Engineering, Protection from Malware, Cryptography, Logging and monitoring, Backups & restoration, management of Technical vulnerabilities, Change management, Capacity Planning, IT Risk assessment and Risk treatment, Effectiveness of IT Risks mitigation controls, and many many more.... It is a huge bank of checklist Questions. This is the main reason verticals like Network Security, Email, Website, and Application Security being vast functions by themselves have dedicated Security Checklist for these areas.