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7 New QC Tools Training

7 New QC Tools Training Objectives

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

• understand the concept of the 7 New QC tools;

• select appropriate QC tools and apply a systematic problem-solving methodology; and

• improve the quality and productivity of the products and services of the company.


7 New QC Tools Training Outlines Key Topics

  • An Overview of the 7 New QC Tools

  • TQC and the 7new QC tools

  • Applying the 7 new QC tools

  • Problem-solving methodology

  • Importance of quality and quality improvement

Affinity Diagram

  • What is an affinity diagram?

  • Purpose of using an affinity diagram

  • Advantages of an affinity diagram

  • Constructing & Completing an affinity diagram

Relations Diagram

  • Definition of a relations diagram?

  • Benefits of using a relations diagram

  • Constructing & Completing a relations diagram

Systematic Diagram Method

  • What is a tree diagram?

  • Ways to systematically pursue on best strategies

  • Benefits of using a tree diagram

  • The various techniques for constructing a tree diagram

Matrix Diagram Method

  • Thinking problems multi-dimensionally

  • Defining problems

  • Benefits of using a matrix diagram

  • Completing and analyzing matrix diagrams

Matrix Data Analysis

  • What is Principal Component Analysis?

  • Advantages of a Principal Component Analysis

  • Constructing a Prioritization Grid

  • Completing and analyzing a Prioritization Grid

Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC)

  • Techniques to produce desired results from many possible outcomes

  • Benefits of using a PDPC

  • Constructing & Completing a PDPC

Arrow Diagram

  • Techniques to work out optimal schedules

  • Advantages of an arrow diagram

  • Promoting understanding and agreement among groups

  • Constructing an arrow diagram