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(Internal Security Auditor-ISA)


PCI DSS Auditor  training Course Features

PCI DSS Auditor Training provides an opportunity for individuals to learn how to perform internal assessments for their company and recommend solutions to remediate any Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance issues. Sponsored by their employer to attend this PCI DSS Auditor Training, an internal security auditor (ISA) is able to act as liaison with external PCI auditing personnel and manage interactions with a QSA during the assessment process.

The PCI DSS Auditor Training outlines best practices and provides tools for implementing controls to protect systems and data and to minimize compliance risk. Through this curriculum, you will become an expert in the requirements for PCI compliance as well as assessment and remediation techniques.


Who should attend PCI DSS Auditor  training

PCI DSS Auditor Training is targeted to internal auditors as well as internal security and risk assessment staff at large merchants, institutions, acquiring banks and processors. Typical job titles -

Internal Auditor, IT Audit Director, Corporate Security Officer, Internal Security Chief, Internal Security Auditor, Director of Security


PCI DSS Auditor training  Purpose

To address concerns about PCI compliance and payment card data security, the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) operates the Internal Security Assessor Program to assist firms seeking to educate their employees on PCI compliance regulations. The program trains, tests, and qualifies organizations and individuals to assess and validate the company’s adherence to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


PCI DSS Auditor Training Benefits

• Improve your understanding of PCI DSS and how it can help protect your customer data and your business

• Help your organization build internal expertise and assess their compliance with PCI Standards

• Facilitate interaction with a QSA for your organization

• Enhance payment card data security and manage compliance costs

• Opportunity to opt-in to PCI Professional (PCIP) program


Snapshot of PCI DSS Auditor Training  content

PCI DSS Auditor Training covers:

• Overview of PCI DSS and testing procedures

• The relationships between various organizations in the payments industry

• Brand validation requirements

• PCI hardware and communications infrastructure

• PCI reporting

• And more

Plus, the instructor-led course includes case studies that provide you with a simulation of assessment scenarios that may aid you in solving common problems found in your own environment.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll be able to:

• Understand the PCI roles and responsibilities

• Define the processes involved in card processing

• Define network segmentation

• Conduct PCI DSS assessments and generate reports (if permitted by the acquiring bank)


PCI DSS Auditor Training Exam

Students are required to complete the coursework and take and pass a final exam.

For instructor-led classes, the qualification exam is administered onsite immediately following the completion of coursework.


PCI DSS Auditor Training Achievement

Upon successful completion of the PCI DSS Auditor Training, a Certificate of “PCI DSS certified Internal Security Auditor Training” will be issued.




PCI DSS Auditor Training Duration -

05 days         


Value-added PCI DSS Auditor Training

Accelerate learning on PCI DSS auditor training with the expert faculty Lead Auditors and Principal Trainers from the Industry. PCI DSS Auditor Training from the "Specialist Expert" has many advantages:-

It will drastically change the way of thinking and the basic approach towards the Management System Standards.

You would cherish & Benchmark our PCI DSS auditor training for a very long time to come.

No fictitious case studies you can not connect with.

Real-time examples, real-time scenarios you can quickly relate to.

Complete Focus on your systems, processes, and line of businesses.

100% involvement and engagement of the participants

Learn to make the ISO Standard sweat to:-

A). Improve profits.

B). Reduce rework, defects, customer rejections, wastage,& cost of operation

C). Enhance customer delight

D). Reduce attrition of customers and employees

E). Enhance the confidence of all stakehold