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SOC 2 compliance training Highlights

  • Gap Assessment

  • Defining HLS, Scope identification & context for SOC 2

  • Evaluating SOC 2  requirements

  • SOC2 – A.T. 101,

  • TSP 100 (CC1.0,CC2.0, CC3.0, CC4.0, CC5.0, CC6.0, CC7.0, A 1.1, A1.2, A1.3, P11.1,P11.2, P113. P11.4, P11.5,P11.6)

  • Integrated management System process maps

  • Development of SOC 2 assertiveness management System policy

  • Development of SOC2 management System procedures

  • RRAA, and SOC2 management System enforcement on RRAA

  • Adoption of Integrated management System policies

  • Developing SOC 2 Awareness training to employees

  • SOC 2 management System Risk methodology and Integrated management System Risk Identification techniques

  • Conducting SOC 2 management System risk management system

  • SOC 2 management System risk treatment

  • SOC 2 management System controls selection , mapping and evaluation

  • Review mechanism of SOC 2 management System risk assessment & Risk treatment

  • SOC 2 management System privacy practices & security controls implementation

  • Adoption of potential SOC 2 management System breach protocols

  • Inputs for SOC 2 management System test papers for employees Internal training

  • SOC 2 management System communication matrix

  • SOC 2 management System administrative control

  • SOC 2 management System technical controls


Who should attend training for  SOC 2 compliance

This is intended for those who will be involved in implementing of SOC 2 compliance include:

Security managers

IT and corporate security managers

Corporate governance managers

Risk and compliance managers

Security consultants, HODs/Deputy HODs


SOC 2 compliance training Benefits

Your company will have internal resources and processes to be able to implement own SOC 2 compliance in order to assess and improve conformance with SOC 2.

You will gain a Competence that certifies that you have the knowledge and skills to be able to lead a team to implement SOC 2 in any organization.

Successful Implementation will improve the protection of any organization’s private data to meet SOC 2 assurance and corporate governance needs.