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TPM - Total Productive Maintenance Training


Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Training Purpose

Want to turn your maintenance function from a simple react and repair function to a reliable system that prevents breakdowns?

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is the vehicle to do this!

What is Total Productive Maintenance?

It is a system that breaks up the complexity of equipment, therefore, allowing operators and maintenance staff to work together to select, correct, and maintain equipment so that breakdowns seldom occur during production.

TPM, Total Productive Maintenance focuses your energies to eliminate downtime and unexpected losses and get productivity back to world-class standards. TPM, Total Productive Maintenance training package will allow you to implement a robust system that focuses on systemizing your maintenance needs. Your employees will develop a customized Total Productive Maintenance system that produces a high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This measures the time you need that equipment to meet daily customer demand. TPM, Total Productive Maintenance uses this effective analytical tool as a baseline to benchmark actual customer demand time, not the maximum scheduled production time. With our TPM, Total Productive Maintenance Training Package you can achieve an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the mid to upper 90% without major capital expenditures!


TPM, Total Productive Maintenance Training enables participants to:

  • Understand and describe the 6 major losses in equipment effectiveness

  • Assess and evaluate the performance of machines and equipment: autonomously and proactively

  • Understand and use the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) tool for each piece of equipment

  • Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) via application of Total Productive Maintenance tools and techniques

  • Change to a system that prevents, predicts and is proactive in their approach to maintenance

  • Accomplish actual TPM implementation with measurable results


Goals of  TPM, Total Productive Maintenance

  • No unplanned downtime

  • Zero defects

  • Zero speed losses

  • No safety issues or accidents

  • Extending the machine’s effective lifetime with little cost


TPM, Total Productive Maintenance Training Outline

TPM, Total Productive Maintenance 4 Day Hands-On Workshop

Day 1: TPM, Total Productive Maintenance Training Portion

  • Total Productive Maintenance Introduction: TPM Perspective

  • Lifecycle costing, True costs, Benefits of TPM, Total Productive Maintenance

  • Autonomous Maintenance, TPM, Total Productive Maintenance Inspection

  • Visual Aids and management of maintenance

  • 7 Types of Abnormalities, TPM, Total Productive Maintenance Tags, One-Point Lessons

  • OEE Worksheet, 6 Major Losses, Practical steps to improvement

Day 2: Shop Floor Implementation

  • Begin the “shop floor” phase of training

  • Perform analysis and inspection

  • OEE Measurements and documentation

  • Establish countermeasures

Day 3

  • Visual controls and visual systems for equipment

  • Establish cleaning and lubrication standards (TPM, Total Productive Maintenance Inspection Cards)

  • Formalize mechanical, electrical, and other control standards

  • General inspection training and One-Point Lesson development

Day 4

  • Finalized inspection routine; document; responsibilities; etc.

  • 30 Day Action Log

  • OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Conclude shop floor implementation

  • Review TPM fundamentals

  • TPM, Total Productive Maintenance team presentations and management review

Total Productivity Maintenance (TPM) Training Achievement

Upon SUCCESSFUL completion of the TPM, Total Productive Maintenance course a Certificate of “TPM Certified  Practitioner Training” will be issued.




Total Productivity Maintenance (TPM) Training Duration -

04 Days