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TQM-Total Quality Management Training


TQM, Total Quality Management Course Features

TQM, Total Quality Management is a way of thinking about goals, organizations, processes and people to ensure that the right things are done the right first time. This thought process can change attitudes, behaviour and hence results for the better.

What TQM, Total Quality Management is not

TQM, TQM, Total Quality Management is not a system, a tool or even a process. Systems, tools and processes are employed to achieve the various principles of TQM.

What does TQM, Total Quality Management cover?

The total in TQM applies to the whole organization. Therefore, unlike an ISO 9000 initiative which may be limited to the processes producing deliverable products, TQM, Total Quality Management applies to every activity in the organization. Also, unlike ISO 9000, TQM, Total Quality Management covers the soft issues such as ethics, attitude, and culture.

TQM, Total Quality Management is an organizational management method that seeks to improve quality of products and services by implementing a process of continuous improvement. It is an approach to improve flexibility, effectiveness, and competitiveness of an organization. The main feature which distinguishes TQM, Total Quality Management from other management practices is TQM’s emphasis on continuous improvement. At the core, TQM is a management strategy that aims to deliver long term success through customer satisfaction.

With the ever increasing requirement of executing projects in almost every industry, the role of the project manager has become all the more important. Certified project managers are one of the highest paid and most sought after professionals today.


Why should a company adopt TQM, Total Quality Management?

Adopting the TQM, Total Quality Management philosophy will:

make an organization more competitive

establish a new culture which will enable growth and longevity

provide a working environment in which everyone can succeed

reduce stress, waste, and friction

build teams, partnerships, and cooperation

When should a company adopt TQM, Total Quality Management?

TQM, Total Quality Management can be adopted at any time after executive management has seen the error of its ways, opened its mind and embraced the philosophy. It cannot be attempted if management perceives it as a quick fix, or a tool to improve worker performance.


What is the objective of a TQM, Total Quality Management

In a TQM, Total Quality Management system, the focus is on incorporating quality in all work processes (processes are systems internal to the organization which gets the work done); therefore, every person working on each process has to be actively involved. The simple objective of TQM is “Work smart by doing things right the first time”. Total quality management is not about short term fixes, it is about changing the way work is done, forever.


What does TQM, Total Quality Management training Courseware include

Defining Total Quality Management

  • The concept of Total Quality Management

  • The philosophy behind Total Quality Management

  • Leading lights and their ideas

Principles of Total Quality Management

  • The core principles in achieving Total Quality Management

  • Prevention not correction

  • Customer focus

Techniques used in Total Quality Management

  • Process improvement

  • Benchmarking

  • Cause and effect

  • Measurement

  • Cost of quality

Implementing Total Quality Management